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Flowers are well known for beauty, colors and softness. There are a lot of flowers in this world with different colors and fragrances. They are the very good example for the centre of attraction, and that is the reason why every one in this world loves it. Understanding that, here we have compiled a list of most beautiful flower names in the world with images.

Here you will find flower names and pictures of flowers like lily, lotus, rose, jasmine and champak and more. Flowers are a great source of inspiration for baby names, so you can also use this collection to select a name for your baby.

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Flowers are good in changing the mood of people. So you can just download and send these images of most beautiful flowers in the world with your friends and other loved ones to give them a refreshing feel. Feel free to share these wallpapers, e-cards, photos from this 'flower names and pictures' collection via social media sites.

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